Buxus sempervirens in six-packs

Distinctive by its top quality and a uniform sale unit, beautiful presentation using a stylish informative carrier, better loading (18x6) per Danish layer instead of 14 x 6 as in the p9 in carrying sets. Delivery: per CC: 7 x 18 sets x 6 pieces per set.

Buxus sempervirens in p9

Buxus sempervirens branched, in a round terra cotta pot p9 with plant information and bar code print.

  • in Best tray
  • 24 pieces per tray
  • per layer 4 x 24
  • per CC 28 x 24

    Delivery is also possible in a tray of 418: per laag 5 x 18, per CC 35 x 18


    Buxus sempervirens C1 pot-bred

    An ideal and solid alternative for pot-pressed, in particular on the market in the month April to October. This C1 square-round pot can, however, be supplied all year round.